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Gigapixel Photography is the high-resolution zoomable photographs of Canadian artist Eric Deis. Eric is the founder of the Artist Run Website, which features art work and photographs by international artists on it's blog.

This website was made prior to the launch of Artist Run Website, which uses new technologies to help artists build their own websites. In the future, Eric is planning to update the Gigapixel Photography website using a new template design. A benifit of updating the template will be the ability to work on mobile/smartphones. The current Gigapixel photography website is built using Flash, which isn't supported on mobile.

I hope you enjoy the photographs! They will look a lot better once I make a new website.

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What is a gigapixel photography?

A gigapixel image is a digital image composed of more than one billion pixels. It contains more than 150 times the detail captured by a typical 6 MegaPixel consumer camera. The high-resolution artwork on this website ranges from 20 MegaPixel to over 2 GigaPixel.

How does it work?

Gigapixel photographs are created by tiling a large number of photographs, or scanning a large film negative (8" x 10"). Gigapixel images are displayed on-line using streaming technology which breaks the image into small tiles and loads them as you look. This allows you instantly view high-resolution images that are over several gigabytes in size.

Can you print a gigapixel image?

Yes, gigapixel images can be printed. At a size of over 20ft (6m), a gigapixel print retains jaw-dropping detail even when viewed a few inches away.